Newest talks are listed first.

“The Joy of Full Surrender” 12-7-15 Aimee Godrey shares about her spiritual journey as a young widow.  


“The Father: Prodigal in Mercy” 10-5-15  Sr. Sarah talks about the mercy of God: a great prelude to the upcoming Year of Mercy which begins on December 8.  Please note: somehow the recorder stopped before the end of the talk. )-:


“Seeing with the Eyes of Your Heart” 4-20-15 Sr. Dorcee talks about the importance of seeing goodness and beauty in the other and gives tips about how to do that.  The accompanying PowerPoint can be found here.


“24 Hours that Changed My Life” 2-16-15  Sr. Mary Ann Foggin shares how God pursued her and brought her back to himself.  

I apologize for the audio of the video.  Still working out the bugs of videoing . . .  (Maybe you can turn off the sound of the video and listen to the audio recording?)

“Teach me to seek You”  12-15-14 Sr. Sarah Burdick shares about seeking the Lord, using examples from Scripture.  

“Rejoice always, pray constantly, give thanks in all circumstances” Deanna White, wife and mother of five shares about how to pray constantly.

“The Joy of the Gospel” 4-7-24  Sr. Ann Shields reflects on Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation.

“Storytime”  2-3-14  Sr. Ann, who was scheduled to speak, was stranded in New York due to a snow storm, so Sr. Dorcee and Sr. Sarah team up to read out loud some of their favorite stories.  Get yourself a cup of tea and snuggle up and let yourself be read to.  ;-)

“Waiting in Hope” 12-2-13  Sr. Dorcee shares about waiting: our struggles with waiting and tips on waiting in hope.  Go here for Fr. Peter John Cameron’s meditation, and go here for the Caryll Houselander quotes.

“Michele’s Story”  10-7-13  Michele Hufnagel shares her story of grace amid the losses of her life, especially through the intercession of Mary, our Lady of the Rosary.  (If you wish to download to your computer, you can go here for the link.)

“There is Life in the Desert”, 4/15/13  Sr. Dorcee shares about dryness and darkness in prayer. You can find the PowerPoint presentation here.  The entire article by Fr. Iain Matthews, “Seasons of Prayer”, may be found here.

“The Science of Faith” 2/4/13  Sr. Sarah entertains and inspires through her famous LBDs (low budget demonstrations).  You can’t get it all through audio, so here are some photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can download the handout here.   And you can see Sr. Kelly’s now famous commercial here.

“More Precious Than Gold” 12/3/12,   Sr Ann shares about the importance of faith and how to increase it in our lives.

Sharon’s Story 10/15/12, Sharon Doran shares her life story, including her battles with cancer and her spearheading “Seeking the Truth”, a Catholic bible study in Omaha (also available online).  (Sr. Ann gave her an excellent and inspiring introduction which you can find here–the quality of Sr. Ann’s recording is not as high quality as Sharon’s but still worth the listen.)

“Hope in the Midst of the Storms of Life” 4/16/12, Sr. Dorcee.  You can find the Scripture verses here and the handout of quotes here.

“Cardinal Van Thuan, a witness to Hope”, 2/6/12. Sr. Anne shares his story and emphasizes the importance of living in the present moment.

“You have a Father, a Homeland, and an Inheritance”, 12/5/11.  Sr. Sarah speaks about the hope of heaven.

“Undoing the Sin of Eve, 10/3/11.  Sr. Dorcee speaks about one of the main fruits of Original Sin that plagues us: not trusting in the goodness of God.  You can find all the quotes here.

“An Uncaged Bird”, 6/6/11. Deb Mantel, a local Christian singer and songwriter, tells her unbelievable life story.  As Sr. Sarah said at the end, “All I can say is Wow!”   You can find out more about Deb and purchase her CDs here.

“Confession, the Sacrament of Hope”, Sr. Ann Shields, 2/7/11.

“The Smelly Stable”: Sr. Dorcee, 12/6/10 and Kathleen Kushtusch’s sharing. You can find the quotes here.

“I pray. . . and things get worse”  Sr. Ann Shields, 10/4/10.

“Mary, the Witness to Hope”: Sr. Dorcee Clarey, 5/3/10.  You can find the quotes here.

What Sorrow is Like My Sorrow: Sr. Dorcee Clarey, 3/15/10.  In this talk, Sr. Dorcee shares about the unexpected suicide of one of her younger brothers and her journey with God through the grief that followed.  A handout of some of the quotes she used can be found here.

Hope: Sr. Ann Shields, 1/11/10.

“Hope”: Sr. Sarah Burdick, 11/16/09.  The Scripture example of inserting definitions can be found here.  Sr. Sarah did not record the song she mentions at the end of the talk because of copyright rules.

Witnesses to Hope inaugural talk: Sr. Dorcee, 9/28/09  (Quotes from this talk can be found here.)

2 thoughts on “Witnesses to Hope talks

  1. Thank you for your talk Sr. Dorcee and for sharing it on this blog so that my light might be stirred up for the darkness I am currently facing. Like the quote in the Magnificat, the Lord’s perfect timing again comes through to remind me that his love is alive in me and his hope is eternal. The quote in your talk from Lamentations 3 is one of my favourites and has been a light to me through many times in my life. Again this evening, when I needed it most, your email directing me to the blog and the inaugural talk is a reminder of his steadfast love and that our willingness to be light can have a profound effect in the heart of another that he loves in times of darkness, as his light through you has been to me tonight. Thank you again and I look forward to perusing the blog and hearing the next talk online. What a great gift to us who cannot be present. May the Lord bless and prosper this ministry and all of the SGL. Love to you.

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