A shelter for the shelterless

Mary is a shelter for the shelterless.

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A quote about Mary, on this Saturday, her day:

“Our Lady’s heart is the most empty of all human hearts, the most empty of self and empty of pride, and therefore the most ready to give a heart’s welcome and shelter to those who are shelterless.” (Fr. Joseph Langford, Mother Teresa in the Shadow of Our Lady, p. 42)

Is my life of any account?

Is my life of any account compared with the likes of Mother Teresa?

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Ever have days when you feel that your life is really of no account–I mean, compared with people like Mother Teresa of John Paul II?  You’re “just” at home taking care of three little kids OR you’re “just” working as a clerk in a drug store OR you’re “just ________________. . . you fill in the blank.  Reading this excerpt from the book, Mother Teresa’s Secret Fire, may encourage you.  (The book was written by the co-founder of the Missionaries of Charity priests.)  In God’s eyes, there are no “just”s.

How important can one small, unspectacular life be?  Consider this: the good that each of us can accomplish, even with resources and restricted reach, not even a Mother Teresa could achieve.  . . . No one else on the planet, and no one else in history, possesses the same network of acquaintances and the same combination of talents and gifts as each one of us does–as you do.

So have hope.  God has great confidence in you and in loving those in your life through you.  (And doing it perfectly isn’t really anywhere on his checklist, I assure you.)