Spirituality (2)

  1. Glimpses of Heaven, True Stories of Hope & Peace at the End of Life’s Journey, Trudy Harris – See excerpt.
  2. The Two Pillars, Gratitude & Contrition, S. C. Biela – Biela has authored some of the most spiritually insightful things I have ever read.  I recommend anything he has written.
  3. Lament for a Son, Nicholas Wolterstorff, written after his 25 year-old son was killed in a mountaineering accident.  A very short book, but as one of the endorsers wrote: “Read him, and again I say unto you, please read him.”  One of the best books I have read on grief.  Henri J.M. Nouwen: “This little book is a true gift to those who grieve, and those who, in love, reach out to comfort.  Wolterstorff’s words are, indeed, ‘salve on our wounds.’ Thank God he did not remain silent.”
  4. Four Faces of Anger: Seneca, Evagrius Ponticus, Cassian, and Augustine by Gertrude Gillette. Four Faces of Anger brings to the modern age wisdom on the topic of anger by four ancient authors. . . The reader will soon realize that the Christian authors are not much interested in what anger is from a psychological perspective–though their treatment of anger is not entirely devoid of this element–but their focus is rather on how the vice of anger inhibits the spiritual growth of the soul and its relationship with God.”  The book is a bit pricey, but well worth the money if you are looking for a solidly Catholic perspective on anger.
  5. Into Your Hands, Father. Abandoning Ourselves to the God Who Loves Us, Fr. Wilfrid Stinissen.  A short but meaty book.  ”In the spiritual life, we need a central idea: something so basic and comprehensive that it encompasses everything else.  According to the acclaimed spiritual writer Carmelite Father Wilfrid Stinissen, surrender to God, abandonment to the One who loves us completely, is that reality.
  6.  Set Free, the Authentic Catholic Women’s Guide to Forgiveness by Genevieve Kineke.  Easily the best book I have ever read on forgiveness.
  7. Only Love Creates, the Spiritual Works of Mercy by Fr. Fabio Rosini. “Father Fabio is Italy’s Father Robert Barron.”  Want to underline every word in this book.  Need I say more?

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