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Talks by Sr. Dorcee

A Thousand Times a Day, Sr. Dorcee (August 8, 2011)  This was a talk I gave to a wonderful group of home-schooling moms.  You can access the handout from the Introduction to the Devout Life here and the handout by Fr. Iain Matthew here.  You can find the picture, Behold, He Standeth, here.

Christ the King Women’s Retreat 2009 – Talks by Sr. Ann Shields
Talk #1: “Be Rooted & Grounded in Love” (57 minutes)
Handout for Talk #1: 1975 Rome Conference prophetic word
Talk #2: “Suffering” (65 minutes)
Talk #3: “Heaven” (48 minutes)

Talks by others:

“Jesus, Son of David, have pity on me.” A great homily on prayer by Fr. Eric Mah.

“Where do you need to be loved?” A short and powerful homily by Fr. Eric Weber

“Discernment of Spirits”: a brief–but excellent–summary of Ignatius of Loyola’s two sets of rules for discernment of spirits by Fr. Dennis Brown OMV (9/22/11).

“Extraordinary Ordinariness”: A homily on the “still, small voice” by Fr. Dennis Brown (8-7-11).

“Handling Suffering” A homily by Fr. Eric Weber (9-25-09).

Fr. David Vincent Meconi
The Eucharistic Life–Continuing the Incarnation

The Beauty of the Mystical Body

Fr. Ken McKenna:
On John 6:16-21: a homily by Fr. Ken McKenna (4/21/12)

Pure Faith, Hope, & Love: a homily by Fr. Ken McKenna (4/25/10)

Blessed are those who hear the word of God: A homily (7 minutes) by Fr. Ken McKenna (10-9-09).  (See post 10/12/09)

God is here: a homily by Fr. Ken (12/5/09).

SGL Christmas retreat 2009 : a set of six homilies from our annual Christmas retreat (five by Fr. Ken; one by Fr. Fortunato):
#1 12.27.09 Fr. Ken
#2 12.28.09 Fr. Ken
#3 12.29.09 Fr. Ken
#4 12.31.09 Fr. Ken
#5 1.1.10 Fr. Ken
#6 1.2.10 Fr. Fortunato


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