Some of my favorites

Here are some of my favorite on-line reads, which I label for myself: “Worth reading again”:  (Check back for updates)

Arms Like My Grandmother, Amy Julia Becker.

Fighting the Man, Betty Duffy.

Davey’s Song, Anthony Esolen on the Divine Music of an Autistic Son

Our Daughter Penny and the Word Retarded, Amy Julia Becker.

All of Life is Fragile and Uncertain, Amy Julia Becker.

The Feeling of Things, the Contemplation of Beauty, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger.

She comes across some old things that recall other days, Betty Duffy

Divine Privilege, Betty Duffy

Riot of Spring, Betty Duffy (For those of you who are a bit “freer” in what you let your kids do growing up, you’ll appreciate a fellow soul.)

One thought on “Some of my favorites

  1. Just noticed you’ve highlighted a few of my essays here. Thanks so much for that! You and your readers might also be interested in my book, Penelope Ayers. It’s a spiritual autobiography and memoir set in New Orleans and deals with many of the same themes, just over a longer period of time!
    Thanks again,
    Amy Julia

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