If you are cold, come to the Fire

Some excerpts from Fr. Cantalamessa’s book, The Eucharist: Our Sanctification:

The Eucharist springs from love; the reason for every thing was that he loved us: ‘Christ love us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God’ (Eph 5:2).

At every ‘breaking of the bread’ when the priest breaks the host, it’s as if the alabaster vase of Christ’s humanity were being broken again, which is what happened on the Cross, and as if the perfume of his obedience were rising to touch the Father’s heart again.

“Drown yourself in the Blood of Christ crucified, bathe yourself in the Blood, inebriate and satiate yourself with the Blood and clothe yourself in the Blood.  And if you are unfaithful, baptize yourself again in the Blood; if the devil has blurred your mind’s eye, cleanse your eyes with the Blood; if you become ungrateful for unseen gifts, be grateful in the Blood. . . . Melt your lukewarmness in the heat of the Blood and in the light of the Blood darkness will dissolve and you will be the spouse of Truth.” (Catherine of Siena, Letter 102)

And from St. Alphonsus Liguori:

If you are cold, do you think it sensible to move away from fire?  Precisely because you feel your heart frozen you should go more frequently to Holy Communion, provided you feel a sincere desire to love Jesus Christ.

2 thoughts on “If you are cold, come to the Fire

  1. “Melt your lukewarmness in the heat of the Blood and in the light of the Blood darkness will dissolve and you will be the spouse of Truth.” (Catherine of Siena)
    I have been praying for my heart to be opened in new ways to the Eucharist. Lukewarmness is a good description of what I experienced. My husband has greeted me with a kiss every day for almost 36 years when he comes home from work. This is the unconditional covenant of love we have shared together. I may receive the Eucharist everyday as an unconditional covenant of love between the bride and the bridegroom. Why don’t I? I have seven Catholic churches within walking distance of my home. My hope is to be transformed again by the Blood of Christ. My hope is to be on fire again in my heart to greet Him in the Eucharist with the passionate love for my Lord that I am committed to in my heart.

  2. Kathleen, this quote from Catherine Doherty comes to mind in response to what you wrote: “Listen well, ‘Let Him kiss me with the kiss of His mouth’ (Sg 1:2). Not only does He become one in me, but He kisses me. Go deeper, friend, and understand the sobornost that binds us through the most holy sacrament of the Eucharist. The Bridegroom comes. Hear Him? He leaps over the mountains like a gazelle. Yes, the Bridegroom comes. Sobornost becomes the breath of the Lover, the Beloved.”

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