Figures of the True

Everything in God’s creation points to Him if only we have the eyes to see.

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Amy Carmichael has a slim book called Figures of the True.  It is a collection of meditations on some photos that someone sent her in her illness.  Each picture, she says, is a “Figures of the True”: “For surely they are not only lovely pictures of fragments of a lovely creation, they are patterns of things we all know if we have ever really lived: they are Figures of the True.”  Everything in God’s creation points to Him if only we have the eyes to see.

Fairy Door
Fairy Door

Today I am going over to our “baby house” to help our little girls, Anna and Renee, make some fairy doors.  Ann Arbor has a set of these around town, delightful little doors through which one can peek and see the little world of fairies.  I’ve always loved looking through them.  The girls recently took a tour of them and want to make their own.  I started thinking about how they, too, are a Figure of the True.  Most of these doors around town require one to stoop down to look through them. It’s only then that you can see into the little room created behind the door.  In the spiritual life, humility is often referred to as the low door through which one must enter the kingdom of heaven.  And the world one enters through that door is far more delightful and beautiful than that behind any fairy door . . .  Let’s not hesitate to stoop and enter by the door of humility as it presents itself daily in our lives. 

P.S. I’ll post pictures of the little girls’ doors soon. (See “More Figures of the True.”)

One thought on “Figures of the True

  1. “Figures of the True.” Everything in God’s creation points to Him if only we have the eyes to see.:

    Hmmm. This is what I see right now.

    When my girls were little it took me 2 hours on Sunday morning to do their hair. A half hour each one braids, french braids etc. I wanted them to know that it was important to look their best because we were going to Jesus’ house.

    It’s been over 10 years since I have done that because since they were 12 they have done their own hair.

    Now I see their beautiful hair and I Praise God. Not just for their beautiful hair but because they respect going to Jesus’ house and looking their best.

    My granddaughter wiggles as her mom is trying to put pig tails in before going to church. I hear my daughter say we have to look our best to go to Jesus’ house.

    Hmmmmm. I smile!

    It’s only hair and I praise God.
    I am alive.

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