We conquer by His song

Amy Carmichael’s poem, “We Conquer By His Song”.

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My share-a-poem-with-you this Sunday is from Amy Carmichael.

We Conquer By His Song

We see not yet all things put under Thee,
We see not yet the glory that shall be,
We see not yet, and yet by faith we see,
     Alleluia, Alleluia.

We see the shadows gathering for flight,
The powers of dawn dispel the brooding night,
The stedfast march of the triumphant light,

Be we in East, or West, or North, or South,
By wells of water, or in land of drouth,
Lo, Thou hast put a new song in our mouth,

Therefore we triumph, therefore we are strong,
Thou vision tarry, and the night be long,
For lifted up, we conquer by Thy song,

For more on singing, see Never be afraid of singing too much and Come, Christians, Join to Sing.

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