One drop less

What difference, really, can one person make?

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One of our sisters is currently going into Detroit one day a week to work with the homeless.  As you can imagine, she can easily experience being overwhelmed by the greatness of the needs she encounters.  Any of us can have that same experience: e.g. what difference are we making in the fight against abortion or trying to amend the pending health care package so it will exclude provisions for assisted suicide . . . or “just” trying to instill the truth in a teenager’s mind.

A saying from Mother Teresa comes to mind: “The whole work is only a drop in the ocean.  But if we don’t put the drop in, the ocean would be one drop less.” 

Don’t cease to put your drops in, drop by drop.  Each one counts.

2 thoughts on “One drop less

  1. I have learn by trial and much error to trust the Holy Spirit in my heart. When I get overwhelmed by such things I too think of Mother Theresa. One drop at a time.

    When the Holy Spirit gets ahold on my heart, my spirit, I can not, NOT do what He wants. Sometimes is it a simple little thing like , “One Drop” but it does make a difference.

    My daily prayer is to trust Him so that I will walk in
    His Will all day. That I will be at peace because He is directing my day. He lets me control the day to the point of planning things I think are my responsibilities.
    I may get to those things and I may not, it may be in the order I think they should be and it may not. When it goes His way and not mine I now step back and “go with the flow” to see what handiwork He will do in my midst. I now can sometimes see why it was necessary to sit in traffic, or miss a meeting, because the Holy Spirit is directly every detail of my day.

    So one drop at a time is Really Important because it is YOUR drop and the Holy Spirit directed to to drop it He knows the big picture

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