“Nothing is lost in Him.”

“The personal history of each one of us is precious to him. . . . Nothing is lost in him.” (Maria Boulding)

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I’m still thinking about that 20 minute movie I recommended yesterday.  (I had a chance to watch it again last night with Sr. Sarah.)  This extract from a book by Maria Boulding is another attempt at expressing the point of the movie:

The personal history of each one of us is precious to him.  He is more willing to forgive our sins than we are to ask forgiveness, and he is well able to redeem our deficiencies too.  We shall not spend eternity kicking ourselves for opportunities lost, grace wasted and love refused. How he can make these things good is beyond our understanding, but in some way the whole of it will be taken up into Christ.  Some lines scribbled in the margin of a fourteenth-century manuscript convey an unknown scribe’s insight into this mystery:
                           He abideth patiently,
                           he understandeth mercifully,
                           he forgiveth easily,
                           he forgetteth utterly.
All the positive things will be taken up into Christ, to be saved in all their reality and transfigured in him: the love that we have given and received, the moments of aching beauty, the longing and the pain, the laughter and surprise, the plain plodding on . . . . Nothing is lost in him.  All the great loves, all the heroism, all the struggle to make life more human, all the wrong turnings people have taken in their search, the times when a light more than human seemed for a while to play over human lives and those lives became legend, the poetry of the particular, the unrepeatable beauty, the fidelity to a vision that demanded all.  In Christ all these things will be affirmed and redeemed, to become part of our shared joy, and his.  (Maria Boulding, The Coming of God, p. 161)

2 thoughts on ““Nothing is lost in Him.”

  1. This is perhaps the most amazing thing you have yet written in this blog: “We shall not spend eternity kicking ourselves for opportunities lost..” I will spend a long while contemplating this piece. It gives me great hope.

  2. Maria Boulding’s writings are so full of compassion, humanity and love. Something to reach for when the darkness is descending.
    If you have never read ” Enduring Melody” by Michael Mayne; reach for that too and explore it. You will find courage, compassion, ,humour and strength within it’s pages.

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