Reflecting the light

Someone shared something with me after the talk the other night that I thought you would all benefit from.  For those of you who weren’tLamp there, one of the points I made towards the end of the talk was that in order for lights to shine brightly, it needs to be dark around us.  In order for our lights to shine brightly in this world, the world needs to get darker.  In order to illustrate this point, I held up a little lit clay lamp and asked someone to turn off the lights.  After the lights came back on, a number of people remarked that the light was reflected brightly in my glasses.  I, of course, was not at all aware of that fact.  This woman who came up to me afterwards pointed out that all too often that is the case with each of us.  We are reflecting the hope of Christ, and we’re not aware of it at all.  So have hope.  You may feel like you’re in the darkness, but if you’re in Christ, you will reflect His light.  You may not see it, but others will.

What are your thoughts?

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