Little words (4)

I’d like to point out another significant use of the little word, “but”, that I have circled in my bible:  Job 23:8-10.

“Behold, I go forward,  but he is not there;
     and backward, but I cannot perceive him;
on the left hand I seek him, but I cannot behold him;
     I turn to the right hand, but I cannot see him.
But he knows the way that I take:
     when he has tried me, I shall come forth as gold.”

Where would we be if we only had those first two verses and not the third beginning with that little word?  It makes all the difference.

2 thoughts on “Little words (4)

  1. Ahhhh, yes!
    But I shall come forth as gold only after the fire of purifying the gold.
    It is indeed worth the journey.

    1. A very good friend reminded me once–when I felt I was in the fire–“Gold is gold BEFORE it goes into the fire.” A consoling thought . . .

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