It’s worth quoting again

It’s worth quoting again.  One of the quotes from the talk I gave last night at Witnesses to Hope, that is.  It’s from Michael Card’s book, The Hidden Face of God:

“Those who are lost in this wilderness of grief, most especially at the loss of a child, have come to know that there is no comfort for what they are experiencing, no morning at the end of this long dark night.  Theirs is an honest hopelessness that sees with a disturbing clarity through their tears that there is no hope.  It simply does not exist . . . anywhere.  Neither is there the seed of the hope that it ever will exist.
“At this darkest stage—in order for comfort to exist—it must be created out of the nothingness that smothers the sufferer.   Comfort ex nihilio, which is to say, a comfort that can only come from the God who alone can create something out of nothing.”

So if you feel hopeless and that you have nothing, that’s actually a very good place for God . . . who loves to create something out of nothing.

Thank you to all of those of you who were at my talk last night.  Thank you for being such a warm and safe environment, for “sitting with me.”

What are your thoughts?

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