True adoration

One of my main purposes in writing this blog is to try to enkindle hope in others.  And, as I say in the sidebar, I’m usually writing for myself!  The last couple of days I have been going back through my journal, re-reading the many quotes I have collected therein, for the purpose of lifting my heart.  I treasure this one from Pope Benedict.  It has redefined for me the meaning of spending an hour in adoration:

Why do we not truly lay our life before Him, including our incapability to believe and to pray?  This is already an act of worship: when we truly say, “Kyrie eleison,” when we truly cry out to God from the depth of our wickedness, this is acknowledgment of what we are, and who He is; it shte adoration of His glory.  (translated from Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Dogma and Verkundigung, p. 123f.)

God asks us only for what we can give Him?  And much of the time it is just our emptiness and incapabilities, but that is “already an act of worship.”

What are your thoughts?

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