God knows

Have you ever been called by God to do something, and then as you began to respond to that calling, thought: “What am I doing?  I don’t have what’s needed.  etc. ”  I can do that a lot. This morning, as I was reading the biography of Hudson Taylor (see yesterday’s post), I was convicted by this story from his younger days.  (One piece of biographical information: Hudson had a strong and clear call from God to be a missionary to China.)

Hudson met Mr. Lobscheid [a missionary to China], who after spending time with him concluded: “Why, you would never do for China,” he exclaimed, drawing attention to Hudson’s fair hair and blue-grey eyes.  They call me ‘Red-haired Devil,’ but would run from you in terror!  You could never get them to listen at all.”

“And yet,” replied Hudson Taylor quietly, “it is God who has called me, and He knows all about the color of my hair and eyes.”

(It is Not Death to Die, pp. 56-57)

He knows all about us before He calls us.

2 thoughts on “God knows

  1. Under the heading “God knows”: in prayer this morning I wimpered that all the concerns swirling in my head were getting in the way of worship. The Lord said”tell me the list” So I started listing every concern I had.”Anything else?” he asked. The list grew. “Anything else?” he asked again and again with the list growing each time. Finally I said “I think that’s it.” He then replied, “I can handle this list.” The best part was I finally believe Him.

    1. Diane, thank you so much for sharing this. I love the Lord’s response: “I can handle this list.” An excellent reminder to all of us!

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