Perfectly Human

Amy Julia Becker, with whom I disagree on some issues, has a marvelous weekly post for guest authors called “Perfectly Human**”.  Here is her description of the purpose of this column:

This weekly feature is intended to provide a picture of life with a disability in all its possibilities and limitations, gifts and struggles. The title of this feature comes from the Greek word telos, which can be translated as “perfect” but which also can be defined as, “the end for which it was created.” People with disabilities are just as human as anyone else–flawed and gifted, beloved and broken. They are “perfectly” human, which is to say, created with a purpose. This space is intended to convey the things that connect us as human beings, things that go beyond our perceptions of able/disabled. And this space is intended to suggest ways in which individuals with disabilities can, at least sometimes, help individuals without disabilities to understand their own humanity.

This is this week’s entry: “All People Are Messy.” I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

What are your thoughts?

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