Spiritual program for a mother

If you are a mother, I hope you will take time to read this letter from Dom Marmion, outlining his advice on the appropriate spiritual focuses for a mother:

Your kind letter gave me so much pleasure because I see you are seeking God with sincerity.  I tell you in all simplicity that I believe God loves you dearly and that the little worries of this life form that portion of the cross of Jesus which is to unite you to Him.  God does not ask a married woman of the world for the austerities and mortifications that may be practiced by those living in the cloister.  But He sends them other trials adapted to their state and which render them so agreeable to his Divine Majesty.

Our Lord asks of you:
1. — To accept daily the sufferings, the duties and the joys that He sends you, as Jesus accepted all that came to Him from His Father.  When St. Peter wanted to turn Him away from His Passion, on account of his great affection for Him, Jesus answered him, “The chalice which my Father hath given Me, shall I not drink it?”  There, my daughter, is the answer you ought to give when you seem to be overwhelmed with suffering.
2. — The perfect fulfillment of your duties:
a) Towards God. –Prayer, Mass, Holy Communion, not too many prayers, but great fidelity in saying those which it is a duty to offer to God, above all family prayers.
b) Towards your neighbor.–Towards your husband.  Marriage, says St. Paul, is the image of Christ’s union with the Church, and the Sacrament of marriage give you a continual participation in the union of Jesus and His Church.  Jesus so loved His Church that He died for her, and she, in return loves Him as her God and her Bridegroom.  Thus you should love your husband as representing Christ for you.
Towards your children.  The grace of motherhood has its origin in the Heart of God and He puts it in the mother’s heart in order that she may love and guide her children according to the Divine good pleasure.
c) Towards yourself.–At present no other mortifications are necessary for you than those which God sends you daily.  But you must sanctify them by uniting them to the sufferings of Jesus Christ.
Be joyful, natural and straightforward as you are, and God will bless you.

One thought on “Spiritual program for a mother

  1. “The chalice which my Father hath given me, shall I not drink it?”
    Oh my, I’ll have to remember that.

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