Are you still on the dance floor?

Those of you who heard my sharing about my brother, Tim’s death, will probably remember my reference to the importance of “staying on the dance floor” with God when we’re in the midst of trials and troubles.  I was alluding to a concept from Michael Card’s book, A Sacred Sorrow, in which he talks about the purpose of lament in the Christian’s life.  In talking about Job’s response to the terrible things in his life, Card points out Job’s response after finding out that all his children had been tragically killed.  After he tears his robe and shaves his head . . .

What he does next is totally unexpected, even unimaginable.  Until this moment nothing remotely like it has happened in the Bible.  Till now Job has responded as he should have, as he was expected to respond, as you and I would probably respond.  What he does next seems unthinkable, almost impossible.

“Then he fell to the ground in worship.

That response alone determines the rest of his experience in the book, both good and bad.  It must have been that aspect of his spiritual life that had caused God to boast about him in the throne room scene in the first place.  Job is the sort of man who will simply not let go of God.  To him, is what worship means.  He will stubbornly cry out in the groanings of this lament, which is worship until God answers.  As Brueggemann would say, he refuses to leave the dance floor until the dance is done.

So my question for you is whether you are still on the dance floor with God about whatever is causing you to lament at the moment.  I’ve been asking myself the same question . . .

What are your thoughts?

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