Room in this inn

A Sunday-poem from Mother Mary Francis, from a longer poem entitled “The Mysteries of the Rosary”:

XIII. The Descent of the Holy Spirit

Fiat!  there’s room in this inn
Of huddled community, Mary,
For you and your telling of Jesus
Over and over again
Until there’s a splitting of heavens
And fire comes and Spirit, and souls

Are drenched with the wine of that Fiat!
That suits men for martyrs.  Is there
Space for us, too, in that upper
Room of your love where first Fiat!
Let God be Man, where first Fireing
Of Spirit enkindled Redeemer?

3 thoughts on “Room in this inn

  1. love it! Jesus came into the world through Mary, the spouse of the Holy Spirit. It makes sense that we receive the same Holy Spirit through her continuing fiat. Thanks, Mom!

  2. Don’t you long to hear all those stories that Mary told as they waited in the upper room? She was preparing their hearts to be ever so open to the Holy Spirit . Thanks for the poem.

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