“His answer changed my life.”

As some of you know, I recently gave a talk at Witnesses to Hope on undoing the sin of Eve by deciding to trust in God’s goodness.  At the end of the talk I shared about what the Lord had been teaching me about the importance of thanking Him in all circumstances.  This morning I was reading from Consoling the Heart of Jesus, a Do-It-Yourself Retreat by Fr. Michael Gaitley.  Fr. Michael was describing a conversation he had had with an older priest about trusting in Jesus.  I was so encouraged to read this conclusion to the conversation:

[The older priest asked:] “And how do you live trust?  What’s its concrete expression in your daily living?”

I was stumped, “I don’t know.”

His answer changed my life: “The way you live trust is by praise and thanksgiving, to praise and thank God in all things.  That’s what the Lord said to St. Faustina.”

“The way you live trust is by praise and thanksgiving, to praise and thank God in all things.”  May we allow that answer to change our lives as well.  I thank God for each of you . . . .

7 thoughts on ““His answer changed my life.”

  1. This applies to me right here and right now. We are expecting a person to visit the school who has not shown…and so I thank the Lord for this moment of waiting and this opportunity to live in trust of His never failing Providence for us.

  2. What a simple, yet profound answer! To praise and thank God is a simple thing, yet how hard it is for me when I find myself in difficult situations, such as…having a loved one who is far from God, for a situation that I am responsible for and have no idea how to handle, or for a time when I have flubbed something that affects others…Then to praise and thank God is truly to trust Him “to work all things together to the good for those who love Him.” I pray this reminder in your post today changes my life!

  3. Again, I am reminded of something Mary Healy said at the retreat about praise and worship as “entering into the zone of truth” (or something like that). The circumstances and obstacles we continually run into clamor for our attention and have the appearance of reality,but true reality (authenticity, as Fr Dubay referred to) is to know who God is, what He has promised, and to trust it. The only sensible response is praise and worship, but more than that, it actually brings us INTO reality, into truth, into the kingdom….

  4. Reblogged this on Witnesses to Hope and commented:

    I’m reposting this because I’m reading this book again and this section had the same impact on me today as it did three years ago: to live trust is by praise and thanksgiving. Still learning . . .

  5. Perfect words for me today. Convicted but happy because this is the way to deal with a very distressing situation in my life & my parish family that is tearing us apart. Thank you for reposting.

  6. I always need this reminder to trust. It is a daily struggle in my circumstances of life. To do so with something as simple and right ordered as praise and thanksgiving is not always easy. This is the first time I made the connection in my heart about this pathway to trust. I am going to practice this and make an intentional assessment of it’s effect on trust and the resultant peace. Thank you my friend, for a wonderful Ash Wednesday meditation that will help me give the Lord his due and me the peace he disires for me.

    1. Good to hear from you, Julie! You know that I always post what I need to hear myself. 🙂 We’re doing a communal thanksgiving this Lent as a house. Maybe you and Bob should . . . Love you and miss you.

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