“Be all here: and be holy”

Sometimes I feel almost the same way about Ann Voskamp as I do about Amy Carmichael: “I just have to share this with you!”  Today’s post is full of her wonderful photos and, as always, makes a very important point–one we do so need to hear in the midst of this potentially very busy season.   I hope you can take a moment and read this: “The most important place to be . . . “

One thought on ““Be all here: and be holy”

  1. I love that! So hard to just be present– especially with dishes in the sink and other chores to do! I was thinking it would he neat to take my own photos of “the most important places to be” in my life. Thx for sharing this. I’m getting a bit addicted to Ann too– and can’t wait to read her latest book– which is on my Christmas list!

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