It is bliss

I am re-reading Ida Friederike Görres’s book on St. Thérèse, The Hidden Face.  I read the sentence below this morning, a general statement about a happy childhood.  What struck me is that it is, in fact, the description of the experience God means for all of us to have as we grow into the stature of being His child.  It is such an excellent description of the love of God for us:

It is bliss simply to be someone’s child, child of a father, of a mother, living, moving and having its being in a love which is unmerited, unmeritable, anticipatory, unconditional and immutable.

No matter what our own experiences of our parents, this is still absolutely and unequivocally  true for each of us as a child of God the Father.   If you have a minute, read the sentence again slowly, pondering each of those words: “unmerited, unmeritable, anticipatory, unconditional and immutable.”  There is a lifetime of meditation there.  Let yourself taste a bit of the bliss.

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