Human doings

Something to think about:

“We are so used to being busy that we treat it as an essential characteristic of the good life.  Ask people how they are doing and they will often answer by telling you how busy they are.  It has become a mark of success–as if someone who is not busy must certainly be leading an unfulfilling and unsuccessful life.  If we are busy, we feel that life is meaningful.

“Human beings have become human doings.  Simply being feels like not enough–perhaps even personal failure. . . . But our problem is deeper than busyness.  Tragically, we live much of our lives on automatic pilot.  we go through our days as sleep walkers–unaware of God’s presence, inattentive to God’s gifts and invitations, and failing to be present to either ourselves or God. We fail to notice God in the ordinary events of our ordinary days.  God is present–in the world around us, in the people whom we encounter and in our work.  Sadly, it we who are absent.”  (Juliet Benner, Contemplative Vision)

5 thoughts on “Human doings

  1. Sister Dorcee- Thank you for sharing that! It was a Godsend! I had literally just finished writing a friend that I was happy that we were starting our parenting book club again as I had been in a rut of prioritizing the busy work of life over the important! How strange that as soon as I finished that I received your blog update! What a wonderful confirmation from our Lord to stop and smell the roses, and give Him thanks! Blessings to you!

  2. Human “doings” are esentially taking God’s place. Only one of us can be busy. We have to become human “beings” to notice what God is “doing”.

    Is it any wonder that today busyness is heralded as a (perverted) mark of sanctity? What better way for the devil to keep God’s children out on the playground instead of sitting in His lap?

  3. Oh my goodness, I love this! You all taught me this when I lived with you and worked at Emmanuel House. You taught me that my self worth comes from being made in the image and likeness of God, not in what I DO. I carry that with me every day. It’s too bad that too often a person’s value is determined by what they can do, instead of just being.

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