“The Blessing of Poverty”

A very honest and inspiring personal testimony from one of the priests of Madonna House about his own personal poverty and weakness:

The Blessing of Poverty

by Fr. Denis Lemieux.

Blessed are you poor, for the kingdom of heaven is yours (Lk 6:20).

I have learned that there is only one place where I grow in faith, one place where I encounter the living God. That is the place of my own personal poverty.

I am going to reflect on my spiritual journey and on different ways in which I have encountered my own poverty, at least a little bit. At least enough that I am beginning, I hope, to know the blessedness of poverty.

I’m 45 years old now, and I’ve been a staff worker of Madonna House for twenty years and a priest for seven. I was nineteen the first time I came to Madonna House and twenty-five when I made my first promises.

When I arrived at Madonna House in 1986, for various personal and familial reasons, I was fairly “bruised and broken.” I don’t mean physically.

You can read the rest here.

One thought on ““The Blessing of Poverty”

  1. Thanks! I followed the link to the full article, which I appreciated very much. Then I went on a journey to Madonna House and learned so much. Thanks, again.

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