How can we ever comfort Him?

Today we remember the depths of Christ’s love for us.  But how can we ever love Him in return, how can we comfort Him in His suffering?  His suffering is too huge and our love is so small.  As I was pondering that question last night, the Holy Spirit called to mind something I read a year or too ago about this.  The author advised that we be like little children who try to comfort a suffering parent.  About all we can do as a child is hold our parent’s hand or kiss him or her.  Yet that provides great comfort for the parent.  All Christ asks of us is to be with Him today in His suffering, to hold His hand or kiss His feet, each in our own way.

This all reminds me of a painting by Giotto of Christ’s descent from the cross.  In it we see the women caressing Christ’s body: Mary, His dear Mother, and the women who followed Him.  Giotto places a figure square in the middle of the painting with its back to us.  He does that to prompt us to think about where we would be in the picture.  Take his prompting and let yourself enter into this mystery and hold Him and kiss Him today.

“Return to the most sorrowful woman the body, even if only lifeless, so that, although so diminished the crucified man may grow with kisses, with embraces.”

One thought on “How can we ever comfort Him?

  1. Our smallest yes, tiniest surrender, ownership of limitation and sinfulness, He considers a kiss and is comforted.

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