In my “Dorcee-ness”

The other morning I woke up, got dressed, and went into the chapel.  As I started to pray, “Lord, I come to you in my lowliness . . .”, I felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit to pray instead: “Lord, I come to you in my ‘Dorcee-ness.”  It was a nudge from the Holy Spirit to me to start thinking less of myself as “Dorcee=lowliness” and more of myself as “Dorcee=lowliness+His child whom He created and loves+all the gifts that God has given me+all that He loves about me.”  It’s amazing how just a slight shift in thinking can make a big difference.  I have been practicing gratitude for the last year, thanking God for so many things, those that are wonderful and those that are hard.  But I guess I haven’t been thanking Him very much for me.  And I would guess there are others of you out there who think that same way.  Take some time today to come to the Lord in your “Ann-ness” or “Lucy-ness” or “David-ness,” and thank Him forall that you are.  Think about who you are as uniquely yourself and the gift that that is to so many others . . .especially Him.

4 thoughts on “In my “Dorcee-ness”

  1. Thanks for this reminder, Dorcee. I thank the Lord for who you are to me, for the Dorcee I met in 1978, the Dorcee I know today. You have helped bring out the Mae-ness in me and I am truly grateful! Love you much.

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