The river of God is full of water

from Amy Carmichael:

Ps 65.9 The river of God is full of water

Recently I was sent a picture of  ajug into which water was being poured.  The idea was that love, or whatever we need, is poured into us like that.  I don’t think of it so at all.  I think of the love of God as a great river, pouring through our ravine in flood time.  Nothing can keep this love from opuring through us, except of course our own blocking of the river.

Do you sometimes feel that you have got to the end of your love for someone who refuses and repulses you?  Such a thought is folly, for one cannot come to the end of what one has not got.  We have no store of love at all.  We are not jugs, we are riverbeds.

If there be hindrance, sweep it all away;
O Love Eternal, pour through me I pray.

What are your thoughts?

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