Little prayers

I just wanted to remind you that I have started a new blog: Heart Arrows, little prayers that pierce the Heart of God.  Its purpose is to provide a short prayer each day that you can pray all throughout the day.  The name of the blog comes from the way that monks spoke of ejaculations–as arrows sent off to God.  If the particular prayer for the day doesn’t strike you, you can still pray it as a form of intercession for someone (perhaps unknown to you) who may need the benefit of that prayer.

You will find only one post displayed each day.  That is purposeful–to keep our prayer very, very simple and focused.

Some ideas on how to use this blog: write the prayer for the day on an index card and put it up over your kitchen sink; stick it on your dashboard; memorize it and pray it on the hour.  Please share on the blog any creative ideas you may have.

Praying that this will be a help to many of you . . . to send those tiny arrows off to pierce the Heart of God all day long.

3 thoughts on “Little prayers

  1. God has used you in my life in so may ways! I just read a book on prayer that recommended this very idea and now you have made it simple for me to do. I so appreciate that as my life is so torn up at this time that I can hardly formulate a prayer. Thank you for coming alongside so many. I pray that the Lord will comfort and refresh you on your retreat time, Sr. Dorcee.

  2. Thank you so much for your encouragement. May you continue to know how very close God is to you during this time.

    We had a wonderful retreat, and we thank you for your prayers!

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