The Love of the Father (4)

More from Fr. Langford on the love of God for us:

“The God who delights in us does not do so from a distance.  His longing for union with us, draws him to us constantly.  God’s thirst draws him closer to us than we can imagine, closer than we are to ourselves.”

“God attends to every breath we take and every movement of our inmost heart with the fullness of his being.  His presence to us is never just a portion of himself–as if the billions of people on the planet only had claim to their tiny portion of the Godhead.  God is present to each of us with the totality of his being.  No part of the Godhead is ever absent, or distracted, from any of us–so much so even ‘the hairs of your head are all numbered’ (Luke 12.7).

“God’s entire being attends to every faintest whisper of our soul–just as a mother who listens in the night for the breathing of her newborn.  We each have, as it were, a personal channel connecting us to God, our own individual frequency to which he is tuned day and night.  Even when we are not speaking to or thinking of him, God is listening to us.”

What are your thoughts?

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