The love of the Father (5)

Picking up again with selections from Fr. Joseph Langford’s, Mother Teresa’s Secret Fire:

“How often, in struggling with our weakness and failures, have we felt alone and ashamed, unworthy of God, tempted to flee from his presence as Adam and Eve after the Fall?  After tasting this inner bitterness and pain wrought by our own sin and our own hands, have we not feared being abandoned by Love?”

“[T]he God revealed in Scripture [is] a God whose thirst moves him to reach out to us, to bring us back when we are lost; a God who is always seeking after us, always drawing us to himself.”

“In our darkest moments, in our own dark night of the soul, we all yearn to know that Love has not left us.  We long to be assured that God does not flee from our faults, that he does not demand we first scale some moral Olympus before we can win back his favor.”


What are your thoughts?

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