Friday: from the archives

Friday: from the archives

Witnesses to Hope

Today is the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross.  I like to think of it as the triumph of God’s incredible love for us.  Below is a reading by St. Anselm trying to convey how much Christ loved us from the cross:

Jesus is sweet in the bowing of His head and in death, sweet in the stretching out of His arms, sweet in the nailing together of His feet with one nail.

Sweet in the bowing of His head; for bending down His head form the cross He seems to say to His loved one: ‘Oh My beloved, how often hast thou desired to enjoy the kiss of My mouth, declaring to Me through thy comrades, “Let Him kiss me with the kiss of His mouth.” I am ready, I bow My head, I offer My mouth to be kissed as much as thou wilt.  And say not…

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