Only a few more days

Only a few more days until Advent, that space of time before Christmas that seems to have disappeared in so many circles.  Our custom has always been to protect this time vigorously, to do our best to keep the celebration of Christmas from intruding so soon, to let Advent be Advent, a preparation time for the great Feast of Christmas–and then we celebrate for 40 (yes, 40!) days after Christmas.  So, starting on Sunday, on this blog you will find posts about Advent for the next few weeks.  I pray that they be a source of inspiration to you, that they be a space in the midst of the secular “Christmas” bustle,  a reminder that we are still in a time or preparation and waiting.


You have taken me captive with longing for You, O Christ,
And have transformed me with Your divine love.
Burn up my sins with the fire of Your Spirit
And count me worthy to take my fill of delight in You
That dancing with joy, I may magnify Your two comings.

~St. John of Damascus

3 thoughts on “Only a few more days

  1. Thanks for helping us hold the line on celebrating Advent. Such a blessed season, but so easy to give it short shrift…

  2. Your Advent message is truly a gift from Heaven above,I am looking forward to spending this Advent and Christmas season away from stores,and remain at home and church preparing my heart for Jesus.How fortuitous and blessed I am to find your blog at a time I so need.
    God Bless You,
    Susan Lee

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