True obedience

The meditation for today from the Magnificat Advent Companion:

Our Lady of GHow appropriate that commemoration of the events that lead to the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe begin immediately after the feast of the Immaculate Conception.  For Mary, preserved from original sin, knows that the deepest and truest need of our heart is to be loved by God and to experience the unique preference he has for each of us.  True obedience flows from our rejoicing over this preference.  The serpent lied to Adam and Eve and made them think that the greatest human need is to be as powerful as God.  We have sustained this wound, which makes us mistakenly think that to achieve and to impress is more satisfying than simply to be loved, when the merest reflection shows the opposite to be true.  We see the interplay between Mary’s sinless clarity and the wound of original sin in her dialogue with Juan Diego, when he complains that he is not accomplished enough to be an emissary to the bishop.  Mary reminds him that he is chosen, he has been preferred, and this is all that is necessary; in fact, this is everything.  Let us pray to our Lady for our conversion, that our experience may teach us that it is not relying on accomplishments, but rather rejoicing in his love that makes our lives bear the fruit of his presence.  (Fr. Richard Veras, emphasis added)

What are your thoughts?

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