Being Led Home

I love this doctor . . .


Nothing was helping.  Everything had been tried for a week of the most intensive critical care possible.  A twenty year old man, completely healthy only two weeks previously, was holding on to life by a mere thread and nothing and no one could stop his dying.

His battle against MRSA pneumonia precipitated by a brief influenza-like illness had been lost.   Despite aggressive hemodynamic, antibiotic and ventilator management, he was becoming more hypoxic, his lungs collapsing and his renal function deteriorating.   He had remained unresponsive during the ordeal due to intentional sedation for his time in the ICU.

The intensivist looked weary and defeated. The nurses were staring at their laps, unable to look up, their eyes tearing. The hospital chaplain reached out to hold this young man’s mother’s hands.

After almost a week of heroic effort and treatment, there was now clarity about the next step.

Two hours later, a…

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2 thoughts on “Being Led Home

  1. Beautiful. If we can all remember this is our destiny and if we would all be blessed by loved ones around us holding themselves and us up with their faith. Created by Love and then welcomed into eternity by Love. Then, to love those left behind. Even with joy for the one gone to Jesus, what a hole in the life of those who loved him. A hole that the good Lord can heal with his loving presence and his presence through those supporting the ones left behind.

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