Struck Down But Not Destroyed

Especially Made

Lonely FlowerI am not new to spiritual depression. It is something I have struggled with in the past, especially after having children and learning about Gabriel’s special needs. But I realize I’m not alone in this. Reading through the psalms, some of the psalmists seemed to have a fair share of despair. I’ve also heard that great preachers, like Charles Spurgeon, was not immune to the touch of spiritual depression. I have found myself questioning my standing before God because of this struggle. Why would a Christian have to fight for joy? Aren’t Christians supposed to be happy all the time?

I’ve had darker days in my past. Perhaps, one day I can write about it in more detail without falling apart in tears, but I don’t think I can do it today. I will tell you, though, that I am grateful to God for His presence during those very difficult…

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