God Doesn’t Make Sense!

When things don’t make sense . . .

Unshakable Hope

The fact that God’s nature was difficult for me to understand used to be a real challenge to my faith. This was especially true after being diagnosed with ALS. I don’t remember ever asking God “Why me?” but I naturally wondered why God would allow this or any other horrible disease to strike anyone. I began to rethink everything I knew, or thought I knew, about this being we call God.

One of the first things I studied was the Christian definition of God; the Christian belief that God is made up of three separate beings (Father, Son and Spirit) that are actually one being. This doesn’t make sense! I have heard many different analogies that attempted to explain this concept of this three-in-one God by everyone from children’s church pastors to highly-educated Theologians, but I still don’t get it! I know better than anyone that I’m far from being…

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3 thoughts on “God Doesn’t Make Sense!

  1. This reflection comes at a perfect time as our family comes to grip with the death of our daughter’s 17 yr old friend. How can we begin to understand? But we do trust…and we do have hope…

    1. I heard about her death, Mary . . . and am praying for Annie especially. May God continue to strengthen your trust and your hope that He will indeed bring great good out of this terrible trial. You might want to read some pieces from the blog that this comes from, Unshakable Hope. Just click on the link at the top of the post.

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