Mary words

“For you it is who took me and led me out of strange ways and darknesses years ago.  You it is who takes me by the hand now day by day.  Only you would not grow tired of the like of me–of anyone so sinful, ungrateful, selfish . . . The thought of my sins smites me down so that if there were not you I think I would fall into despair.  And when I try to reason why you should continue to protect me I end in confusion.  I can only throw myself on your love.  I can only kneel and cry out: ‘I don’t deserve anything.  Not even the greeting of a stranger.  But, Mother, without you what am I going to do?’  This is mad, isn’t it?  This is unreasonable.  But I am helpless in my weakness.  I, cowardly, feebly, selfishly, give the weight of my sins to you . . . .Never was there a worse sinner, and never was God kinder to one.  Mother, it’s true.  You know how true it is.  You are the only explanation of God’s kindness to me.”  (From Mr. Blue by Myles Connolly)

What are your thoughts?

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