The best you can

9_4_Blessed MotherTeresa“Once a successful businessman went to work in one of Mother Teresa’s shelters for the poor in India.  His frustration at not finding the little woman there was overturned on the day before his departure when she returned.  He was moved to tears of joyous surprise when, on admitting that his whole life was self-concerned, instead of being like hers, she held his shoulders and looked deep into his eyes saying: ‘Know that God appreciates you are doing the best you can.'”

And He says the same to you today: “Know that God appreciates you are doing the best you can.”

One thought on “The best you can

  1. Just last night, when I reflected upon my day, I felt somewhat despaired at my lack of motivation, lack of energy, and (admittedly) lack of hope. I opened my computer this morning, read this reflection and felt the arms of God around me. Thank you – perfect timing.

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