“My weakness in mothering”

I have counselled a number of mothers whose children have disappointed them in some way or another.  Most of them have the same first response as Lysa TerKeurst : “And you know what I’m tempted to do as a mom?  Draw a straight line from my child’s wrong choice to my weakness in mothering.”

If you’d like to know more of her thinking process about this, go here.  It’s worth the read.

5 thoughts on ““My weakness in mothering”

  1. This attitude isn’t necessarily the exclusive province of mothers. Fathers…at least this one…are acutely aware of the same feelings of failure and inadequacy. I am reminded of Danny Thomas’ monologues at the end of his shows, where he goes over what he should have done, how he should have behaved. And, I suspect that a lot of time I will spend in Purgatory will be like that as I climb the mountain, carrying all those bags of rocks until I learn to put them down at last, at long, long last.

    1. Very, very good point, Peadar. Thank you for making it. I love the analogy of “carrying all those bags of rocks until I learn to put them down at last, at long, long last.” Amen.

      1. You are very welcome, Sister. I had in mind both The Purgatorio and the film The Mission.

        God bless you, and your work.

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