To forgive

I just read this amazing story of love and forgiveness and want to share it with you:

For years he nourished only his narcissism: money, brand name clothes, perfumes, luxurious cars, parties, in short. a trivial evil. Then he was tempted to the point of folly: to kill his parents and acquire his inheritance. He tried to kill them first with gas bombs which should have exploded and would have also killed his two sisters. He then tried to tamper with his father’s steering wheel. He thought of using rat poison and mixed it into beefsteaks as a blunt weapon.

 In the end, on April 17, 1991, he with his face bare and three friends with carnival masks and false hair, waited for his parents, Antonio and Rosa. He beat them with an iron pipe butchering and killed them – with inexplicable ferocity. According to psychiatrist Vittorino Andreoli who prepared the report , it is a case of “narcissistic hypertrophy” with the “father and the mother perceived only as a money-box, from which to take when necessary and to break if the need required it.”

In the book “I Was the Evil,” written by Raffaella Regoli, and published by Mondadori, Pietro Maso says “They have written about me, about us, who killed to have a good life. We wanted to enter into life. And instead, staining myself with the most terrible of crimes, at nineteen I entered the tomb together with Mom and Dad.”

You can read the rest here.

What are your thoughts?

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