“We are all in the Heart of Jesus Christ”

Witnesses to Hope

I must re-post my favorite picture for this Feast of the Sacred Heart.  This is by James Tissot.  (And don’t miss the quote at the end.  It’s just for you.)

We are all in the Heart of Jesus Christ, since He loves us all, for the way of love is for the lover to lodge the beloved in his heart.  (Fr. Timothée de Raynier)

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2 thoughts on ““We are all in the Heart of Jesus Christ”

  1. Hi Sister Dorcee,

    I’m truly sorry I missed the talk – I did however listen to the podcast (thank you so much for providing that!) and I was deeply moved. Iris was/is a blessing. Thank you for having her speak.

    God bless,

    Kate Astrakhan

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    1. Thanks, Kate. I updated your email address but deleted it from this post (so it’s not out there for the whole world). Yes, Iris has a great story, doesn’t she?! God bless!

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