When life feels a bit much

I have been thinking of this Elizabeth of the Trinity quote a lot the last couple of days, so I thought I would repost this piece from a few years ago.  It’s still relevant:

I haven’t posted in the past two days because life has been full of more important things.  As many of you know, we run two Emmanuel Houses: homes for older adults who are no longer capable of living alone and have limited support and no resources.  This week three of the residents have been in the hospital and one at home passed on to be with the Lord.  Two of our Sisters who work there are on vacation.  It’s times like these when life can feel like it’s a bit too much.  Yet we know that all is in God’s Providence.  I meditate often on these words from Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity: “Everything that happens is for me a message of the excessive love of God for my soul.”  And as Amy Carmichael would say: “Everything means everything.”

I love thinking about the words: “excessive love.”  Wow.

2 thoughts on “When life feels a bit much

    1. Yes. Sometimes though I have been tempted to pray, “Okay, God, I’ve had enough of your excessive love today”–depending on what’s happening. lol

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