“In that hidden corner of the soul”

I was really struck by this today from Contemplative Provocations by Fr. Donald Haggerty.  I’ve been reading and re-reading it . . .

The psychologists are sometimes quick to remind us that forcing any painful experience into a forgotten corner of the soul is likely to do eventual harm.  But if we have ignored this warning, it is good to remember that God entered that corner as well, and that he is still waiting there with an offer of his friendship if our soul wishes to meet  him.  Some people may only realize the extent to which God has been secretly giving himself when they perceive that his companionship has all along been present in that hidden corner of the soul.

2 thoughts on ““In that hidden corner of the soul”

  1. Good Morning! Why was I suddenly led while reading this to think of Ed Norton? I’ll tell you. My brain fixed on this notion of God, the Divine Sewer Worker, climbing down into the tunnels of my soul cleaning out as He went, flushing all the muck. Odd? Well, not if you’re from New York City, I guess.

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