Friday: from the archives

An encouraging meditation from Amy Carmichael:

Luke 4:40 He laid His hands on every one of them, and healed them.

This verse took life for me one day lately.  I was reading in the Revised Version and looked up the Authorized, to see if I was reading something new, for it felt new.  But no, I must have read it hundreds of times before.
On every one of them.  It comforted me to know that He does not look upon us as a mass, but as separate needy souls.  I remembered the terrific attack that is always on the love that should hold us together, and I read over and over again John 15.9-17.  I know well that the devil hates and fears strong love.  If he can weaken us there, all goes.  For us, to weaken means to perish.  I found rest in remembering the hands laid on every one of us, not one of us overlooked, and the hands laid upon us are wounded hands.

He heals the lame

One thought on “Friday: from the archives

  1. There are times when I know strong love in my life is tested. And how dangerous and easy it is to give in to the test. May we always hold fast to our Lord, to His strength, to His unwavering belief in each one of us, and to respond to Satan saying, “I don’t think so…not today…do you not know who My Lord is?!” All power and glory and honour and praise to Him. Amen!

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