6 thoughts on “Hold on

  1. When it seems like the winter of prayer is endless one wonders if one is doing something wrong? There are times when faith seems like an acct of lunacy, yet one knows there is no other way. I would like God to give me a hug and say ” stop worrying. It will all be alright in the end!”

  2. Having just posted the above, I went into one of my files and read this!!

    God seeks himself in us, and the aridity and sorrow of our heart is the sorrow of
    God who is not known in us, who cannot find himself in us because we do not dare
    to believe or trust the incredible truth that he could live in us, and live there out
    of choice, out of preference. But indeed we exist solely for this, to be the place he
    has chosen for his presence, his manifestation in the world, his epiphany.”
    Thomas Merton

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