In front of more weakness

Continuing from yesterday’s post:

Secondly, I would emphasize his gentleness with people, especially his mercy.  I have to say that the priest Bergoglio has a very great sense of mercy.  Bergoglio is capable of forgiving what one might not be able to forgive himself.  I have always said that whoever hits bottom, whoever it may be, in Bergoglio he will find shelter, and it continues to be like that today.  This is true for whoever it may be, from your best friend to your worst enemy.  In front of more weakness, Bergoglio works better, in a strange spiritual equation, so to speak.  So if I would have to single out only one thing that remains with me–even though I do not know if I practice it, I am nevertheless grateful for it–it is his sense of mercy.  Very few times have I seen mercy at the depths to which he lives it . . .

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