The duty to be you

One of the goals of the Christian life is to become more and more you, your true self.  I just posted last week about our desire to be loved for ourselves.  Here is another piece by a wonderful writer, Dr. Edward Mulholland, touching on the same theme.

Tim Wu, a Columbia law professor, has written an interesting piece in The New Yorker about technology. Advances in technology, it appears, don’t automatically signal advances in humanity.  He concludes noting that “The technology industry, which does so much to define us, has a duty to cater to our more complete selves rather than just our narrow interests.”  I was struck by the expression “our more complete selves.”

This past weekend a few hundred high school seniors came to Benedictine College to compete for the Presidential Scholarship.  They are an impressive group. Faced with a tough day of essays and interviews, the advice that I often given is “just be yourself.” But it struck me, as I heard myself saying this, that “being ourselves” is one of the most monumental challenges imaginable. It is, in fact, the purpose of our lives, and how we give glory to God.

You can read the rest here.

What are your thoughts?

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