The self-gift of God

None of us are excluded from God’s gift of Himself.

Creation is shot through with the self-gift of God . . . Grace is the initiative of God, his self-offer that is prior to any kind of movement towards him by the creature.  It is sheer gift, bestowed wherever human beings do not finally close themselves against him and refuse his love.

The gift of God is for the poor, the needy, the empty.  It is for those who are too poor to recognize or identify their need.  It is for those who do know their need, and hunger and thirst for him.  It is for those who do not even suspect the depth of tenderness with which they are loved, yet are potentially open.  God is most known as God when he gives to the undeserving, when he fills the hungry with good things, lifts up the downtrodden, transforms hopeless situations and brings life out of death.  His gift is most typically not the crowning of our achievements, but wealth for the bankrupt and power at the service of the weak. (Maria Boulding)

What are your thoughts?

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