“Nothing could frighten me”

Witnesses to Hope

Do you ever find yourself often afraid of that which could be the best for you?  You fight against the very one who would be your biggest help.  Today’s Sunday-poem addresses that very thing.

The Voice

I am afraid of silence.  I am afraid
Of my own soul.  I am afraid of hearing
A voice–one voice above all voices–made
Clear in the silence.  I shall grow old fearing
This silence that goes with me wherever I go.
I cannot keep it in or bar it out.
Always within, around, above, below,
It beats upon me.  I am hedged about
Most utterly.  Surrounded.  Yet I raise
Even now a futile barrier of sound
Against the voice in silence I dispraise,
Against the voice I dread that hems me round;
To which, did I but listen, I should be
Afraid of nothing.  Nothing could frighten me.

Sr. Maris Stella

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2 thoughts on ““Nothing could frighten me”

  1. Thank you for your posts. I find Truth and encouragement here. I know I meet the Lord here. From time to time, I share the posts on Facebook, and others are blessed. Your Witness to Hope goes out like ripples on a pond. The poetry, prose, and quotes are truly inspired. Thank you! God bless you.

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