What seems like a failure

Witnesses to Hope

Many times, I think, the standard we set for ourselves of what we think God wants us to be or become is not, in reality what He’s really concerned about.  We fret about not measuring up here or there and then get discouraged because of our failure.  A word of wisdom from Caryll Houselander:

I often think that the ideal of our perfection that we set up, and often go through torture to achieve, may not be God’s idea of how He wants us to be at all.  That may be something quite different that we never would have thought of, and what seems like a failure to us may really be something bringing us closer to His will for us.

So . . . try to be a little bit freer to let go of what may not be His expectations for you and just abandon to His love. …

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2 thoughts on “What seems like a failure

  1. Hello Sister, When does your group hosts speakers? Monthly, right? At CTK? Just looking for details. Many thanks.

    God bless you, Anne Harman

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